The Food Fairy

and the Magic Cutlery

Author: Jonathan Salvador RGN Bsc Hons

Ebay: yes / Amazon: Yes / Waterstones: application pending 9 weeks via nielsens

PDF yes


Welcome to the Food Fairy Website

A fairy style storybook, making it possible to enjoy mealtimes with pretend friends that have magical capabilities. Encouraging good eating habits by using colorful cutlery friends. This book was created through real life experience of a parent who has a very fussy eater. It lets your toddler's creative imagination rein free. A simply fun book to read and enjoy visit


Features & Details


You can download and print the Cutlery faces here... hover on the face and save image for printing


it is best to print out in colored paper
or just plain white paper and just color it in
cut out the face and stick with scotch tape
 (cellotape) on top of the cut outs into the cutlery